Healthy Recipes - Salmon, Lentils & Spinach

O this time of year is full of people talking about eating healthily, New Years resolutions and how we should all be treating our bodies better. Well you aren’t going to be hearing any different from us, even with our love of pies and steak, we are 100% on a health kick and against some of our preconceptions, very much enjoying it. 

We know you know, but we will tell you again - eating healthy doesn’t necessarily mean boring eating. We make ours exciting by doing a jig whilst trying to slice vegetables and nothing says fun like trying not to loose a finger does it?

We joke, we make our food delicious by using flavoursome ingredients with are packed full of all the nutrients and proteins you need to do the things you like to do. Fish is full of good things, vitamins, minerals and is a major source of Omega 3 fatty acids so is being served up regularly as part of our healthy diet. This recipe of Salmon Fillets, Lentils and Spinch is simple, easy and good for you as well as really filling. 

Salmon Fillet on a bed on Puy Lentils & Spinach

For 2

130g of Puy Lentils

160g Spinach

100g cherry tomatoes

1 clove of garlic

2 shallots 

1 lemon (juice)

Chopped parsley

2 Salmon Fillets

Salt and Pepper

Oil for Frying

1. Put the lentil in a pan of boiling water, reduce to a simmer and leave for 20-25 minutes. 3 minutes before they are done add the spinach in to the pan. 

3. Heat a pan of oil and fry the shallots and garlic until soft and golden brown. Set aside. 

2. Take the salmon and coat it in oil (instead of the pan) and season with salt and pepper, depending on how thick your fillet is you fish should be fried for no more than 3 minutes on either side so it stays moist but gets lovely crispy skin (the not so healthy part if you eat it) 

3. Chop the cherry tomatoes, and add to the chopped parsley, fried shallots and garlic with a squeeze of lemon juice. When the lentils and spinach are done, drain and mix together. 

4. Plate the lentils and spinach and place the fish onto and garnish with a slice of lemon. 

Simple and delicious. 

Helping You On The Way To A Healthier New Year

The time for gorging on chocolates, puddings and cakes has now gone and we will miss it dearly and we are sure you will too.

But the New Year brings with it the chance for change and like so many others we here at Love Your Larder are going on a little health kick, do you want to join us?

We aren’t making a resolution per se (as that means we will inevitably break one of our strict rules in the first few days) but we will be eating more healthy suppers and a lot less midnight snacks. Expect to see some recipes that will help you stick to your resolutions - although not if your resolution is to eat more cake in 2012 - but for now here are our top 5 products to ensure your cupboards are stocked will all kinds of goodness. 

1. Jeeves and Jericho Detox Tonic 

The name says it all really, this blend of 100% organic ingredients like coriander, nana mint, orange peel, lemon grass, nettle leaves, cloves, cinnamon, apple pieces and ginger root. It is blended to taste as good as it is heathy - the herbs used are renowned for their high vitamin content and cleansing properties. It even looks like it will be good for your insides.

You can buy it here or see the entire range of amazing loose leaf teas from Jeeves and Jericho here.

2. Duchess Rapeseed Oil 

There are lots of good things about rapeseed oil - it’s home grown here in Britain and is a great way famers can diversify the types of crops they produce - we’ll be using this in all our cooking in the New Year because it’s got such great health benefits. 

Cold pressed extra virgin rapeseed oil has half the saturated fats of olive oil and has a higher percentage of omega 3, 6 and 9. Plus it’s a great source of the anti-oxidant Vitamin E and has 10 x the amount of essential fatty acids that help with healthy cell growth and general well being. They’re all things we want in our new healthy diet + we think this smart packaging will look lovely in our kitchens.

You can buy it here in 500 and 250ml bottle, with its rich golden colour it adds an amazing flavour to any dish. 

3. Honestly Healthy Mixes

The name says it all really doesn’t it - honest and healthy foods made with that exact purpose in mind. As they say this is ‘really real foods’ and are such an easy way to make a nutritious accompaniment to a week night dinner. Ready in minutes they are the perfect alternative to a prepackaged meal, and you’ll feel so much better after filling up on a Bean and Fig Tagine rather than a nasty pasta ready meal. The tagine is a mix of spices, dried figs and beans i.e. lots of foods packed full of vitamins, mineral and general all round goodness. 

Get yours here for lots of simple, easy and tasty dinners, or see the other mixes here.

4. Organic 100% Wholemeal Flour

One of the things people always say when the new year comes around is that they would like to learn a new skill or take up a regular hobby? 


We are going to be baking a lot more home made bread - after all there’s nothing better than a hot toasty roll with a bowl of warm soup - and the flour from Shipton Mill is of the highest quality. We will be making our buns with this organic 100% wholemeal flour but their range includes all sorts of flours perfect for every type of home baking - organic ciabatta to white spelt. You can see them all here, they come freshly ground from the Shipton Mill which has been producing flour since the time of the Doomsday book. Now that’s old!

5. Hot Chilli & Fennel Popcorn

Even when we are eating healthily we like a snack or two, and popcorn is the surprising champion of the healthy snack world.

All the popcorn from the Consett Popcorn Company is air popped meaning it doesn’t use any oil or butter and the flavours are all 100% natural using real ingredients.

This Hot Chilli & Fennel is a lovely combination with a fiery kick at the end, keep this for those hungry moments and you can snack with peace of mind here. 

So much better than naughtily scoffing a packet of ready salted when you think no ones looking.