A short note on our favourite nut, the doughnut

It’s National Doughnut Week, and not only does this allow us the opportunity to indulge with one of our favourite deep fried snacks it’s also all for a very good cause, helping raise money for the Children’s Trust.

This is surely guilt free eating, right?

Doughnuts, although they may seem the pride and joy of America, are in fact popular around the world and have many different versions and shapes.

The two classics we will all recognise are the glazed ring doughnut, that fictional police characters eat on a 24/7 basis, and the more classically British filled doughnut, like the one above which is from St John’s Bakery and is full of creamy custard. 

In Indonesia they have the donat kentang which is a potato based doughnut (Heston has a version of these from his latest series) which are made from mashed spuds and coated in icing sugar. Whilst over in Argentina they have bolas de fraille which are filled with dulce de leche 

Although not strictly classed as a doughnut, our favourite has to be Spain’s famous Churros; long and thin and perfect for dipping into pots of melted chocolate, they are the quirky, cooler brother of the doughnut and great for street eating. 

Here are a collection of our favourite doughnut recipes, including a healthy and a savoury option: 

These sound so wonderfully indulgent, apple cider, apple butter and warm spice flavours are all involved, plus a decadently rich salted caramel sauce.  Perhaps the perfect autumn doughnut. 

Apple Cider Sufganiyot (Hanukkah Doughnuts) with Salted Caramel from chow.com

Like churros, these cinnamon coated doughnut sticks with a chocolate sauce are great for sharing and feel extra special. 

Cinnamon Doughnuts and Chocolate Sauce from Great British Chefs

For the health conscious out there, these baked chocolate doughnuts avoid the deep fryer and are topped with a chocolate peanut butter frosting. 

Baked Chocolate Doughnuts from neverhomemaker.com

And finally a savoury recipe, filled with sour cream and onions, they are a light snack and good for those who try and avoid the white stuff. 

Sour Cream & Onion Doughnuts from thekitchn.com 

Let us know how you enjoy your doughnuts, do you like yours filled with jam and custard or pink glazed with pretty sprinkles? 

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