Love Your Larder Makes Scotch Eggs

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How to Make Scotch Eggs

Boil 2 of the eggs for 5-6 minutes in a pan of boiling water with the lid on.

Plunge into a bowl of cold water to stop them cooking so the yolks remain soft.

Carefully peel the eggs and dust very lightly with flour.

Wrap each egg with half of the sausage meat so the egg is entirely enclosed. You should try and make the layer of meat of even consistency.

Arrange 3 bowls, crack and whisk the remaining egg into one, place the flour in another and the breadcrumbs into the last.

You can either buy pre made breadcrumbs, or blend stale bread to make home made breadcrumbs. Season these with salt and pepper.

Take the sausage wrapped egg and first coat with flour, then with egg before finally rolling in the bread crumbs.

Heat a deep sided pan filled with the vegetable oil to 180°c, place the eggs in the oil for 6 and a half minutes.

Cut in half and see the beautiful orange yolk run out and enjoy with a pint of ale