Love Your Mum!

Like Anniversary’s and Valentine’s Day, it’s a terrible crime to forget Mother’s Day and comes with a life time sentence from that point onwards as the ‘uncaring child’. This is made even worse when your sibling has shown up unexpected with flowers, chocolates and taken your lovely mum out for afternoon tea. 

You shouldn’t buy your Mum a thoughtful present this Sunday so you look like the most thoughtful child (although it is a good ulterior motive), you should get her a gift to say ‘Thanks Mum, for all those times you’ve bailed me out, mended my trousers and brought me a cup of tea after accidentally falling asleep on the sofa at 3 in the morning and waking up with cramp’. 

And we’ve got something we think she’ll love, posh Italian chocolates, artisan cheese hampers and flowering tea blooms. You can see lots more ideas in our Gift Section if your Mum is the type who prefers gourmet fudge or indulgent chocolate brownies.  

Possibly the prettiest chocolates we’ve ever seen, this collection of delicate and fresh spring infusions is a real indulgence. Flavours include camomile, rose and jasmine and are coated in the finest Ecuadorian chocolate. You can treat your Mum here and start at £9 for a box of 9

Not all Mum’s have sweet teeth and this hamper from the Northumberland Cheese Co is a great alternative to biscuits and chocolates. Including a Nettle, Elson and Garlic cheese as well as oat cakes and an apron you can get it here for only £25

Mum’s love tea (especially brought to them in bed) and we think this beautiful Flowering Tea Bloom Gift Set is a fantastic and slightly unusual present this Mother’s Day. This gift set comes complete with a glass tea pot so you can see the pretty flowers plus two tea bowls and a box of six different blooms. The perfect gift to help your mum relax and unwind, you can get it from here

If you really want to let your mum know how you feel, in the sweetest possible way, these iced biscuits from Biscuit Village are the perfect present. Coming in large tins for £24.99 or smaller Biscuit Cards for £5.99 the cute patterns are intricately iced onto delicious 100% cocoa biscuits. So much tastier than a bunch of flowers. You can get them here

And lastly we think you can’t go wrong with the classics and these Raspberry and Rose Truffles are the essence of the English garden and are coated in a rich layer of dark chocolate before being beautifully presented. You can get them here for only £8.95

Nothing Says ‘I Love You’ Like Chocolate & Biscuits

O Valentines Day, it’s resented by people in relationships and hated by anyone who’s single. But we want to help you get through this most careful of occasions. 

The pressure to be romantic, the expectations to do something show-stopping will  give you inevitable headache when it all goes wrong - you burn the beef wellington, she scoffs at the flowers you bought (outside the local fruit shop) and that special mix tape you made is actually full of your ex-girlfriends favourite songs. And it’s all downhill from there. 

But of course we are here to save you from the above scenario, we want your Valentines Day to be a romantic affair, with absolutely no shouting involved and definitely no limp fruit shop flowers.

Valentine’s Day is not only a chance to be romantic but it marks the end of the depressing January Blues and is the first proper excuse to eat lavishly and indulge our neglected sweet tooth. So here are our suggestions for how to say ‘I love you’ and impress this Valentine’s Day. 

Davenport’s Signature Chocolate Hamper, £15.95

This is an absolutely stunning collection of hand crafted chocolates with a gold dusted chocolate heart to really give it the special Valentines feel. The hamper also includes a box Davenport’s Signature Collection and a miniature box of Raspberry & Rose Chocolates. Each item is beautifully presented and gives you that lovely romantic feel.

It also doesn’t break the bank, at £15.95 it can be your Valentines gift all wrapped up in one.  Get your’s here

Scarlett & The Spotty Dog’s Canoodle Doodle, £3 - £10

Heart shaped, buttery oaty short bread dipped in thick milk chocolate, sounds like heaven right? These little biscuits are absolutely adorable and make for a cute little gift, especially if you are looking for an understated Valentines gift. After all not every couple wants to say it with fanfares, some prefer to whisper it so only they can hear. 

You could complete the gift with a freshly brewed cup of tea, always an appreciated touch. 

You can get the Canoodle Doodles in packs of 6 for £3 or large jars complete with spotty ribbon and luggage tag for £10. 

Biscuit Village Valentines Tins and Cards, £4.99 - £24.99

We now have these fabulous iced biscuit sets on the site for a very sweet gift. They have biscuits for every imaginable event including some that will spell out your love in biscuit form. Edible love, surely the best kind? 

As well as the large biscuit tin above, £24.99, they also do smaller biscuit cards which come in a neat presentation box

Cool Heart Biscuit Card, £4.99

Four Hearts, £5.99

L.O.V.E Biscuits, £5.99

Plenty of sweet inspiration to impress your loved one but if you haven’t seen something you think they’ll like you can see our Valentine’s Gift Selection here including wonderful teas, gourmet popcorn and edible chocolate boxes