How to make Rhubarb Marshmallows

Marshmallows seem like food from another planet, one inhabited with rainbows and unicorns and magical fluffy things. In actual fact, they aren’t too difficult to knock up yourself, and they taste like light-as-a-feather airy fruity goodness depending on how you flavour them.

That’s half the fun with marshmallows, you can infuse them with almost any flavour you can imagine - we stopped short of trying to invent the bacon marshmallow. As it is in season, we tried making ours with home-grown British rhubarb and it worked a treat. This involved having to first stew down stalks in some sugar and water to create a syrup. 

This is a great recipe to make in the summer months as it doesn’t involve having to turn the oven on and make the house unnecessarily hot. 

Rhubarb Marshmallows

Makes around 40 


455g sugar

1 tbsp liquid glucose

100ml water

2 large egg whites

9 sheets of gelatine

1 tsp vanilla extract

Icing sugar, for dusting

Cornflour, for coating

For the Rhubarb Syrup 

4 stalks of rhubarb

100ml of water 

Sprinkle of caster sugar 

Extra Things you will need - sugar thermometer, square baking tins


1. First of all put your gelatine sheets into 140ml of water to soak - you will need these a little later on. 

2. Add water to a sauce pan and bring to a simmer, add in 4 or so broken up stalks of rhubarb and a sprinkle of sugar and leave to cook for about half an hour with the lid on. Drain the liquid through a sieve and squeeze out as much juice as possible from the stalks. 

You need 200ml of liquid to make the marshmallows in total, measure out the juice you have created and add water to bring it to a total 200ml

3. Take a heavy-based pan with tall sides and add the rhubarb-water mixture, sugar and liquid glucose and bring to the boil. 

4. Use an electric whisk to beat the egg whites until the form stiff peaks - you can do this with a normal whisk but your arm will ache after a while! 

5. When the syrup has reached 127C, take it off the heat and add the softened gelatine sheets and the water they have been soaking in. 

6. While the eggs are still being beaten, add in the syrup. It should start to thicken but keep whisking it for a further 10 minutes until it keeps a firm shape when the whisk is removed. It’s at this point it starts to look like fluffy magical clouds. 

7. Oil and dust some baking trays with corn flour and a little icing sugar - when the mixture is ready pour it in and smooth over the top. Leave this for at least an hour to set.

8. When it feels firm, turn the marshmallows out of the tray onto a lightly dusted work top.

Touch it, it feels incredible! 

Slice it into chunks and roll lightly in icing sugar - you only want a little or they get too sweet and sickly. 

They are great to eat now, but you can also leave them on a wire rack to dry out a little more. 

We think they will be great dipped into chocolate or with a fruit compote.